The Story of Van Tich

Once upon a time, there were a little king and his Daddy living all alone on their planet far, far away. All the king had was himself for company, so his Daddy got on a tiny rocket and set out on a journey among the stars to find new friends for his son.
Where will they go? Who will they meet along the way? Will Daddy be able to find someone to be his son’s companion? Let’s take a look and find out, shall we?

[Promo video for Vinamation’s Vạn Tích toy series]

Director: An Bui
DoP: Quang Vu
Camera Operator: Van Ngoc Thanh, Tang Kieu Phuong
Set Design: Tụi Tui
Concept & Production: YOLO Pictures
Client: Vinamation

Check out the Behind-the-Scenes here: vimeo.com/209573992

(c) YOLO Pictures 2016

Project Details

Client : Vinamation
Date : 2016
Skills : Commercial

Created by Yolo Pictures Vietnam