RMIT Vietnam – SCD Promo Video (Hanoi) May 19, 2018

RMIT School of Communication & Design Promo Video (Hanoi) from YOLO Pictures on Vimeo. Saigon and Hanoi, two cities, at two ends of the country. Seemingly different, yet, so similar at their cores. Have a look at our own foray into the old quarters, a companion video to our RMIT SCD Saigon (vimeo.com/235713609)

RMIT Vietnam – Study Tours February 8, 2018

Vietnam is not just about the beautiful scenery of religion or agriculture. It is a place of vibrant growth and constant change. Promotion for the upcoming Study Tours of Fashion, Architecture, Fine Art, and Photography – RMIT University, SGS Campus. Director: Nguyen Dinh Qui Cinematographer: Van Ngoc Thanh Camera Operator: Tang Kieu Phuong Client: RMIT University

RMIT Vietnam – SCD Promo Video (Saigon) October 28, 2017

What is the essence of Saigon to you? Promotion video for School of Communication & Design (RMIT Vietnam) Director: An Bui DoP: Quang Vu Camera Operator: Van Ngoc Thanh, Tang Kieu Phuong Sound Design: Van Ngoc Thanh Concept & Production: YOLO Pictures Client: RMIT University (c) YOLO Pictures 2017

Created by YOLO Pictures Vietnam