Mon Chéri #justatest August 20, 2018

/ MON CHÉRI / Our new project is not just about perfume. It is also something smells like fashion, which harmonizes the tenderness and the daring of a woman. No more secret, no more waiting. That is Mon Chéri. Production: YOLO Pictures Director: An Bùi D.O.P: Quang Vu A.D: Kim Tran Camera Operator: Văn Ngọc Thành Art Director: Thanh Nhat Le, Tăng Phương Talent: Jay Vu Makeup: Thanh Đan Photographer: Thanh Nhat Le Editor: Quí Nguyễn Colorist: Quang Vu Lighting: Cty BKLIGHT MEDIA Co.,LTD Behind the scenes: Sulla Voice Talent: Chinh Tran Special…

RMIT SCD Promo Video (Hanoi) May 19, 2018

RMIT School of Communication & Design Promo Video (Hanoi) from YOLO Pictures on Vimeo. Saigon and Hanoi, two cities, at two ends of the country. Seemingly different, yet, so similar at their cores. Have a look at our own foray into the old quarters, a companion video to our RMIT SCD Saigon (found here: vimeo.com/235713609)

Gala Royale #heartme February 8, 2018

Bạn độc thân và đang không biết một nửa của mình ở nơi đâu? Hãy tự tin lên, vì đôi khi sợi tơ hồng duyên phận chỉ bắt đầu từ một ánh nhìn, một nụ cười…hay một chiếc pin cài áo. Một dự án viral của Gala Royale The Event Hall. CREDIT: Client: Gala Royale Strategist: Nguyen Thien Ngan Director: An Bùi DOP: Quang Kyle Vu Production House: YOLO Pictures Music: Đỗ Huỳnh Đan Hy (vocal), ACENS (music) Artist: Trần…

RMIT Vietnam Study Tours February 8, 2018

Vietnam is not just about the beautiful scenery of religion or agriculture. It is a place of vibrant growth and constant change. Promotion for the upcoming Study Tours of Fashion, Architecture, Fine Art, and Photography – RMIT University, SGS Campus. Director: Nguyen Dinh Qui Cinematographer: Van Ngoc Thanh Camera Operator: Tang Kieu Phuong Client: RMIT University

The Story of Van Tich January 10, 2018

Once upon a time, there were a little king and his Daddy living all alone on their planet far, far away. All the king had was himself for company, so his Daddy got on a tiny rocket and set out on a journey among the stars to find new friends for his son. Where will they go? Who will they meet along the way? Will Daddy be able to find someone to be his son’s companion? Let’s take a look…

RMIT SCD Promo Video (Saigon) October 28, 2017

What is the essence of Saigon to you? Promotion video for School of Communication & Design (RMIT Vietnam) Director: An Bui DoP: Quang Vu Camera Operator: Van Ngoc Thanh, Tang Kieu Phuong Sound Design: Van Ngoc Thanh Concept & Production: YOLO Pictures Client: RMIT University (c) YOLO Pictures 2017

Created by Yolo Pictures Vietnam