The Artisans – The Tailor

The Artisans series is to share the artisans’ journey of mastering the traditional techniques as well as preserving our heritages.
Journey with us to the world of the guardians of our legacy, mundane at the first glance, but marvelous up close.

/ Artisan Phạm Xuân Quang /

Tailoring might be seen by some people as a common job. However, what makes a tailor an artisan is not only the skill of his work, but also his attitude towards the craft. To Mr. Quang, clothes are not just for wearing. They must make the wearer feel as comfortable as if in their own skin. As long as his sight allows, his resilience and his love for his art will persist. From him, to his son, and for the generations after.


Opening title by Giang Nguyen.
Music: Digipost Vietnam
Sponsor: Fashion4Freedom

Project Details

Client : Fashion4Freedom
Date : 2016
Skills : The Artisans, Web Series
Address : http://www.fashion4freedom.com

Created by Yolo Pictures Vietnam